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COURTSIDE: Dubrovnik Case

Charges against Yugoslav naval commander are dropped.
By Mirna Jancic

The Hague tribunal last week allowed prosecutors to withdraw their indictment against Vice-Admiral Milan Zec, who was charged with the siege of Dubrovnik.

Zec was indicted with Vice-Admiral Miodrag Jokic, General Pavle Strugar and Captain Vladimir Kovacevic for crimes committed against the city in southern Croatia between October and December 1991.

Strugar and Kovacevic were granted pre-trial release after surrendering to the international court last year while Kovacevic is still at large.

The prosecution said that following an ongoing investigation they had concluded they lacked enough evidence to convict Zec. They reserved the right to bring new charges against the vice-admiral if new evidence emerges of his criminal responsibility.

The withdrawn indictment had charged Zec with violations of laws and customs of war and violations of Geneva Conventions.

Mirna Jancic is an IWPR assistant editor

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