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COURTSIDE: Ad-litem Judges

Extra judges brought in to speed up tribunal proceedings.

Six new judges were sworn in at the tribunal last week, doubling its capacity. They are so-called ad-litem judges, selected from a pool of 27 which the UN General Assembly placed at the tribunal's disposal.

New judges have been assigned to three trials which began on September 10. Each trial chamber will now be composed of one permanent judge and two ad-litem.

In the Naletilic and Martinovic case, permanent judge Liu Dachun (China) will be joined by ad-litem judges Maureen Harding Clark (Ireland) and Fatoumata Diarra (Mali).

For the Bosanski Samac case, judge Florence Mumba (Zambia) will be joined by ad-litem judges Amarjeet Singh (Singapore) and Sharon A. Williams (Canada). For the Vasiljevic Case, judge David Hunt (Australia) will be joined by Ivana Janu (Czech Republic) and Chikako Taya (Japan).

Vjera Bogati is an IWPR special correspondent at The Hague and journalist with SENSE News Agency.

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