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Cold Shower Cure at Lakeside Spas

Anyone thinking of taking a health cure at Lake Issykkul at the moment is in for a nasty surprise, as regular power cuts will leave them shivering.
As reporter Rita Nurmambet-Kyzy discovered, taking a winter cure at one of the sanatoria for which the lake is famous may be cheaper than going in the summer, but leaves many visitors disappointed.

The deputy governor of Issykkul region, Kalybek Kalyshbaeva, said the province had been allocated one-third less electricity this year than in 2008.

To economise, the power company is providing the area with just ten hours a day. Sanatorium visitors say the lack of lighting and hot water is disrupting their courses of treatment.

“I probably won’t be able to stand up to this treatment,” said one elderly Bishkek resident getting to the end of his tether.