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The Celebici 'Marathon' Continues

Tribunal Update 68: Last Week in The Hague (March 16-21, 1998)

Last week Trial Chamber II-quarter (consisting of Judge Karibi-Whyte, Presiding, Judge Odio Benito and Judge Jan) denied two Defence motions of "no case to answer", raised at the end of the presentation of the prosecution's evidence (See Update 67).

The Chamber concluded that in order to dispose of motions of dismissal, it "must satisfy itself that, as a matter of law, there is evidence before it relating to each of the offences in question which, were it to be accepted, is such that a reasonable Tribunal might convict."

The Chamber also concluded that it actually "was satisfied that there is evidence before it for the accused persons to be invited to make their defence." As of 30 March, when the trial continues, the defence will have an opportunity to dispute the indictment.

This will take a long time: Sarajevo lawyer Edina Residovic, who will defend the first accused Zejnil Delalic, announced that she will summon 30 witnesses over at least three months.

The Celebici "marathon" (the trial began on 10 March 1997) continues.