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Bulatovic Was Under Investigation

A Tribunal prosecutor confirms that assassinated Yugoslav defence minister Pavel Bulatovic was under investigation over crimes in Kosovo.

The assassinated Yugoslav Defence Minister, Pavle Bulatovic, has been under investigation for his possible role in the crimes committed in Kosovo during 1998 and 1999, Deputy Prosecutor, Graham Blewitt , told Tribunal Update.

Blewitt denied claims circulating in the Montenegrin media that Bulatovic was already named in a sealed indictment for crimes committed during his seven year spell as minister of defence. He did, however, stress that it was possible that he would be included in the second round of Kosovo indictments.

Blewitt said this would be reflected “in some future indictment in which Bulatovic will be named as a co-offender, just as late president [Franjo] Tudjman will be named as co-offender in the indictments for the crimes committed in operations Flash and Storm in Croatia.”

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