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Budget '99: Increasing The 'Capacity For Justice'

Tribunal Update 108: Last Week in The Hague (11-17 January, 1999)

At the same time, ICTY spokesperson Jim Landale announced last week that the Tribunal's budget for 1999 has been increased by almost 50 per cent over 1998. It goes up from US$ 64m to US$ 94m. This will help the Tribunal recruit a further 200 new staff, bringing the Tribunal's total workforce to some 900 people.

Funds for the Prosecutor's office have also been boosted significantly: it now has US$ 27m earmarked for completion of existing and the initiation of new investigations.

Last but not least, the capacity of the Detention Unit, which presently holds 36 cells - ten of which are empty - has been increased. In the event that all indictees presently at large are brought together to The Hague, this capacity would obviously be insufficient. However, an agreement with the Dutch prison that presently harbours the Tribunal's Detention Unit has now been reached to cope with just such an eventuality.

At least another 29 indictees whose indictments were made public, as well as an undisclosed number of persons covered by the sealed indictments, are eventually expected to make their way to The Hague, voluntarily or otherwise.

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