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Briefly Noted...

By Chris Stephen in New York (TU 299, 03-07 February 2003)

A line of white TV trucks were parked outside the UN headquarters in New York when delegates from the International Criminal Court, ICC, arrived to pick their judges. But the cameras were not for them – they were for the speech on Iraq by US Secretary of State Colin Powell.

In fact, the journalists were packed into meeting rooms within 50 metres of the ICC conference, but never bothered to pop down and take a look.


Washington has repeated demands that the Serbs hand over to the Hague war crimes suspects, particularly former Bosnian Serb army commander Ratko Mladic.

The call came when the speaker of Yugoslavia’s parliament, Dragan Micunovic, visited Washington this week.

“They’re still mentioning The Hague,” he told Belgrade’s independent broadcaster B-92. “They say we have to establish full cooperation with the tribunal. And of course they always mention General Mladic.”

Chris Stephen is IWPR’s bureau chief in The Hague.

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