Briefly Noted ...

By Chris Stephen in The Hague (TU 308, 7-11 April 2003)

Briefly Noted ...

By Chris Stephen in The Hague (TU 308, 7-11 April 2003)

Tuesday, 22 February, 2005

Seselji, who is accused of masterminding a massacre in Vukovar in 1991, gave himself up to The Hague in February.

Now Serbian police say they will question him as part of their investigation into the March 12 assassination of former prime minister Zoran Djindjic.


Serbia cannot make up its mind about former Yugoslav army officer Veselin Sljivancanin, wanted by The Hague for alleged war crimes in Vukovar in 1991.

Sljivancanin was supposed to have handed himself over to the court weeks ago.

Now foreign minister Goran Svilanovic says unless he does so, he will be arrested and sent by force.

But interior minister Dusan Mihajlovic said Sljivancanin is not guilty of anything – because intelligence reports show the massacre he is accused of was carried out by other units.

Mihajlovic says territorial units - not the main army formations - did the killings at Ovcara, where more than 200 Croats were butchered.

A Hague official told me this week that the former officer will get a platform to demonstrate his innocence – once he turns up for trial.

Chris Stephen is IWPR’s project manager in The Hague.

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