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Blaskic Trial: Confidential Defence Motion

Tribunal Update 91: Last Week in The Hague (24-29 August, 1998)

According to the defence, Trial Chamber I has been asked to discard those counts of the indictment which, the defence believe, the prosecutor failed to prove in the 14-month-long hearing of evidence, during which about one hundred witnesses for the prosecution appeared and several hundred documents and other exhibits were submitted.

An indictment cleansed of "unproven incriminations" would, according to Blaskic's lawyers Anto Nobilo and Russel Hayman, speed up the process inasmuch as the defence would not have to use its witnesses and documents to refute the charges the prosecutor failed to prove. The prosecution has announced that it would file its response in writing by the end of the last week. Only then will the Trial Chamber present its opinion.

The Blaskic trial is scheduled to resume on 7 September.

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