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Bishkek Traffic Problems to Ease

In this programme, we ask whether daily life in the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek is about to improve now that proper, full-sized buses are beginning to replace the over-stuffed minibuses that clog up the city’s streets.
Reporter Max Jalilov discovered that pensioners, in particular, are happy with the new buses as they are both roomy and easy to get on and off, and there are travel for the elderly, students and others .

The 200 Chinese made buses were imported as part of a city transport strategy of reducing the number of private taxis and minibus “marshrutkas”.

The city transport authorities appear unsympathetic about the fate of the minibus drivers, saying they are just out for themselves anyway. But some say it is precisely that spirit of enterprise that keeps the city moving. One passenger even complains that the buses only stop at authorised stops, unlike the little “marshrutkas”, whose drivers are more accommodating.

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