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The Best Men

Some friendships across ethnic divides survived the Bosnian conflict.

This film tells the story of two best friends, Memo, a Bosniak and Gavro, a Serb, who refused to allow the war in Bosnia to destroy their friendship.

When they were growing up together in the town of Hadzici, Memo recalls, "My mother loved Gavro as much as she loved me." They were best men at each other's weddings.

But in May 1992, they had to go their separate ways because of the war and were unable to meet for two years.

When they did meet, "We stayed hugging for a while," Gavro said. "We couldn't believe that we'd met for real and that we were seeing each other."

"We are of different nationalities, but above all else, we are human beings," Memo said.

This film was produced by IWPR and Mebius Film to mark the 20th anniversary of the start of war in Bosnia, under IWPR's Programme for the Western Balkans and ICTY, funded by the Norwegian government.

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