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Aleksovski Trial: Prosecution's Rebuttal Witnesses

Tribunal Update 94: Last Week in The Hague (21-27 September 1998)

Unlike the defence witnesses, who claimed that the trenches were dug only at night--for reasons of safety--"V" and "W" were taken to dig trenches in broad daylight, so that they could see the Bosnian Army's positions. Fortunately, "V" said, it was known that detained Bosniaks were digging trenches in these positions, so they were not shot at. Some other inmates of Kaonik were not so fortunate, as the court heard during the presentation of the prosecution case, and several were killed or wounded while digging trenches on the frontline.

After the prosecution's rebuttal witnesses, the defence has yet to summon its rejoinder witnesses. The judges decided last week that they have one week to do so.

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