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Aleksovski Trial

Tribunal Update 102: Last Week in The Hague (16-20 November)

The Prosecutor appealed against the Trial Chamber's decision to include in the Aleksovski files, the transcript of witness statement of the Croatian Vice Admiral Davor Domazet given during the trial of General Blaskic.

In his statement, Vice Admiral Domazet denied the Prosecutor's thesis on the international character of the Croatian-Muslim conflict in central Bosnia and tried to prove that the Croatian Army units appeared in Bosnia on the basis of an agreement between Croatian President Tudjman and his Bosnian counterpart, Alija Izetbegovic.

The Prosecutor's original request to bring a witness who would respond to Vice Admiral's statements, was denied by the Trial Chamber. Following the Prosecutor's request of last Tuesday for the postponement of closing arguments, the Defence also announced its appeal for Aleksovski's temporary release from detention since he was arrested a full two and a half years ago.

When invited to comment on the postponement of the trial, Aleksovski agreed that the Prosecutor is "doing his job correctly," and expressed hope that his trial would soon be completed, not only in view of his health problems but also because of his family. "I already told you that I am not guilty for the acts you attribute to me and that the events unfolded outside my control," Aleksovski told the judges.