Zeljko Cvijanovic

Stories by the Author

Kostunica Strikes Back

Kostunica attempts to erode Djindjic's powerbase, in an escalation of the Belgrade power-struggle.

19 Dec 06

Kostunica in Trouble

The Yugoslav president loses his job and much of his political influence next month when the new reconstituted state comes into being.

6 Sep 05

No Fanfare as New State is Born

In spite of strong western support, few believe the new union between Serbia and Montenegro can last longer than a few years

6 Sep 05

Serbia Walks Tightrope

State of emergency presents the country with both a risk and a unique opportunity.

6 Sep 05

Djindjic Party Riding High

Popularity of late premier's party skyrockets, but few believe it can retain such high ratings once state of emergency is lifted

6 Sep 05
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