Zeljko Bajic

Stories by the Author

Macedonians And Their Father Figures

Macedonia's mainstream parties hoped for a quieter life by putting up junior candidates as successors to the country's overweening father figure, president Kiro Gligorov, but the contest only heralds deeper crises.

16 Nov 05

Scandals Rack Macedonian Army

Government interference is being blamed for a wave of corruption and indiscipline in the Macedonian armed forces

2 Jun 00

Parallel Lives

Macedonia may have been spared inter -ethnic violence, but it remains a bitterly divided society.

5 May 00

Hasani Release Sparks Outcry

A political storm has broken out in Macedonia over the controversial release of an Albanian criminal.

11 Apr 00

Marooned in Macedonia

Thousands of Romany refugees eke out a hand-to-mouth existence in Macedonia, unwanted by the West and unable to return to their Kosovo homes

28 Mar 00
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