Zaza Baazov

Stories by the Author

Lights Out For Georgia?

Parliament enacts US-style anti-smoking law, though independent-minded Georgians are unlikely to obey.

19 Sep 03

Tbilisi to Tighten Screws on NGO's

Georgia's national security ministry is working on a draft law that would strongly increase government control over NGO activities.

7 Mar 03

Georgia: Quake Victims Protest

Eight months after last April's earthquake in Tbilisi, thousands of residents say they are facing a winter without proper housing.

19 Dec 02

Georgia: Unwanted Meskhetians

Deported from southern Georgia by Stalin, Meskhetian Turks are finding it hard to return to their homeland.

20 Oct 01

Georgian Adoption Scam

Impoverished Georgian women are offering themselves up as surrogate mothers to make ends meet.

18 Sep 01
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