Zarina Kanukova

Stories by the Author

Circassians Turn Full Circle

Descendents of Caucasus emigres hoped to make new lives back in their ancestral lands, but many are giving up in disappointment

1 May 03

The Demise of the Adygean Code

New social phenomena such as drug abuse and alcoholism have caught the older generation of Adygeans unawares

30 Apr 01

The Lost Land of Shapsugia

A new Russian law on "ethnic minorities" has given the Shapsug people fresh hope of reclaiming their historical homeland

8 Dec 00

Adygea Hits Back

Ethnic leaders in Adygea say they are being demonised by the Russian media

10 Nov 00

Little Cause for Celebration

With each faction convinced that its superior wisdom and statecraft has won the day, a semblance of normality is returning to Karachaevo-Cherkessia

9 Jun 00

Remembrance of Things Past

Cherkess women, forced by harsh economic realities to undertake menial work, are being accused of betraying their tribal code of honour

12 May 00
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