Vlado Mares

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Courting The Next Conflict

The Belgrade regime continues its propaganda campaign, bringing home the same dangerous rhetoric it so recently used in Kosovo.

16 Nov 05

Culture Wars Throw Pop Singer Onto The Political Stage

Alleged plans to appoint Serbian pop-folk singer Zorica Brunclik as the country's new Minister of Culture could mark the start ofMilosevic's all-out war on the arts. Or it could be just another attempt to win over lazy voters and swamp the opposition ahea

10 Nov 05

Serbia's Schools Teach New Lessons In War

Serbian schoolchildren have a bundle of new books for their libraries - a gift from Serbia's self-styled 'Uncle Education Minister - but the lessons they teach are all about war, hate and patriotic militarism.

10 Nov 05

Muzzling The Media

The Milosevic regime is resorting to increasingly draconian measures to control Serbia's media.

10 Nov 05

The Battle Over the Crude

Rivalries erupted among the opposition as soon as the EU announced its heating oil aid to two towns in southern Serbia. But the real risk is that the regime, too, has its eye on the crude.

10 Nov 05

Making Murder A Way Of Life

As Milosevic and his associates step up their attacks on the opposition and the media, serious violence in Serbia may be becoming inevitable.

10 Nov 05

State Serves Up Fresh Insults Daily In New War Of Invective

The state media is whipping up traditional Serb homophobia by accusing the opposition of 'suspected attraction to the same sex'. It's just part of a strategy to further divide and demoralize critics of the regime, and now the police are playing the same g

10 Nov 05
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