Veton Surroi

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Kosova Priorities

Kosova must seek to establish itself as a functioning state

6 Sep 05

Kosovo: Election Thoughts

What matters most about the elections is that for the first time in Kosovar history, the arena for solving their problems will be a parliament that they elected themselves.

6 Sep 05

Comment: Now All Kosovo is a Hostage

Renewed violence and the emergence of shadowy leaders show that key lessons have not been learned in the five years since the 1999 conflict.

21 Feb 05

Ending the Violence in Macedonia

Macedonian and Albanian representatives, inside and outside government, must sit down together and draw up far-reaching political reforms.

21 Mar 01

Kosovo Tributes

The publisher of the leading Kosovo daily, Koha Ditore, pays tribute to two prominent Albanians murdered in the past few days.

15 Sep 00
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