Valeri Dzutsev

Stories by the Author

Toying With War

Aid organisations use theatre to warn Chechen children of the dangers of untold numbers of mines and unexploded bombs.

27 Oct 01

Islam's Tarnished Image

The revival of moderate Islam in North Ossetia has been set back by fear and propaganda

17 Jun 01

Unwanted Guests

North Ossetians claim their ethnic kin from neighbouring Georgia have abused their hospitality

11 Jun 01

The Mountain of Tongues

Moves are afoot to force officials in Vladikavkaz to adopt Ossetic as the dominant language of bureaucracy

30 Apr 01

An Uneasy Peace

The legacy of the 1992 Ingush-Ossetian conflict casts a long shadow over villages in the disputed Prigorodny region

6 Apr 01
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