Ulugbek Khaidarov

Stories by the Author

Uzbekistan: Missionaries Lure Youngsters

The authorities' crackdown on Islamic radicalism appears to have prompted many young Uzbeks to join the growing number of Christian groups in the country.

21 Feb 05

Uzbek Fury Over Unpaid Salaries

Workers are going hungry as confusion grows over who is responsible for the continued non-payment of their wages.

21 Feb 05

Uzbek Child Labour Scandal

Tens of thousands of Uzbek children are being used as cheap labour in the country's cotton harvest

21 Feb 05

Uzbekistan: A Bitter Harvest

Bureaucrats and agricultural collectives appear to be stifling private farmers who've been hailed "the hope of the economy".

21 Feb 05

Uzbek Airbase Protests

Travel restrictions and land disputes have led to growing tensions among Kahanabad airbase residents.

21 Feb 05
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