Tim Judah

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Mladic Media Frenzy

False start in media race to break the arrest of the Bosnian Serb fugitive.

24 Feb 06

Kabul's Sad "Attraction"

Ravaged by mujahedin rockets and neglected by the Taleban, Kabul Zoo - once one of the capital's top attractions - is a shadow of its former self.

14 Nov 05

Serbia: Milosevic Trial Shocks Liberals

Human rights activists in Serbia have been horrified by the opening proceedings of the Milosevic trial in The Hague. Is it all going dreadfully wrong?

6 Sep 05

The Vidovdan Curse

Will future historians note that this was the year that Serbia finally escaped the clutch of the Vidovdan curse?

6 Sep 05

Chipper Kosovo Serbs

Kosovo's beleaguered Serbian communities see light at the end of the tunnel

6 Sep 05

Gangster Era Over?

After a decade of smuggling, looting and murder, many of Serbia's gangsters are believed to be thinking about "going legit"

6 Sep 05

Afghan Civilians Braced for War

Civilians in Northern Alliance-held territory express mixed feelings over the Afghan conflict, as opposition troops prepare to advance on Taleban positions.

4 Aug 05
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