Thomas Withington

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US and China Unite Over Taleban

Relations between Beijing and Washington may have improved as a result of the American-led war against the Taleban and its allies.

14 Nov 05

UK Troop Delay Threatens Afghan Stability

Further delays in the deployment of British troops in Afghanistan could undermine efforts to stabilise the country and secure humanitarian aid shipments.

14 Nov 05

Afghanistan: Heroin Trade Dilemma

If the new Afghan government bows to international pressure to ban poppy cultivation the economic consequences could be catastrophic.

22 Feb 05

Hidden Agenda of Afghan Donors

Kabul should be wary of the motives of some of the countries contributing to the Afghan reconstruction process.

22 Feb 05

Rebuilding the Bamiyan Buddhas

Afghans believe that the reconstruction of the famous Bamiyan Buddhas could prove to be an important, symbolic step towards the country's recovery.

22 Feb 05

Army Plan Fraught With Problems

The Americans and their allies face awesome challenges in trying to build a cohesive national force out of the country's quarrelsome militia groups.

22 Feb 05

Afghanistan Facing Ethnic Division?

The "Balkanisation" of Afghanistan is now a distinct possibility, as Afghan opposition commanders take charge of their old fiefdoms.

21 Feb 05
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