Thomas de Waal

Stories by the Author

South Ossetia: An Avoidable Catastrophe

In the space of a few days, a real catastrophe has unfolded in the Caucasus, sparked by a conflict over a tiny piece of land that could have been averted.

15 Oct 08

Caucasus Burning

So much has been left in ruins in the Caucasus in the past week. What chance is there of a salvage operation?

22 Sep 08

How the Georgian War Began

IWPR-trained reporters investigate the tragic sequence of events that triggered a war in South Ossetia.

28 Aug 08

Separation Anxiety

Twenty years ago this week, the ghosts of history stirred in Europe and a conflict that no one had paid attention to since the Treaty of Versailles re-erupted in the depths of the Soviet Union.

3 Mar 08

EU Could Assume Peacekeeping Role

The European Union’s new special representative for the South Caucasus sees an enhanced role for the EU in conflict resolution.

25 May 06
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