Talar Nadir

Stories by the Author

Kurds Concerned About Fraud

Voters sceptical despite an increase in monitors and promises from Kurdish leaders of clean elections.

14 Dec 05

Kurdish Parties Unhappy at Split

Islamic group criticised for decision to leave the main Kurdish electoral bloc at a time when competition for votes is getting tougher.

3 Dec 05

Regional Polls Leave Kurds Cold

Kurds are keen to vote for Iraq’s National Assembly, but many are too disillusioned to take part in the regional poll.

18 Nov 05

Lawyers Set Constitutional Priorities

Legal experts in Iraq say the protection of minority rights and ensuring political freedoms should top the country’s constitutional agenda.

18 Nov 05

Kurds Set Out Their Demands

Kurdish parties’ controversial claim on Kirkuk likely to be source of tension in post-election coalition building.

18 Nov 05
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