Sozar Subeliani

Stories by the Author

Colonel Eliava: Hero or Villain?

Disturbing new facts have emerged over the shooting of a renegade army officer who once plotted to overthrow the Georgian government

26 Jul 00

Georgia's Winter of Discontent

Eduard Shevardnadze hopes that an upsurge in the electricity supply on the eve of the presidential elections will blur bitter memories of winter deficits.

5 Apr 00

Georgian Wine Industry Corked

Georgia's once flourishing wine industry is in perilous decline, as the loss of regional markets, under-investment and rampant bootlegging take their toll

24 Mar 00

Gun-running in Georgia

The discovery of a truck smuggling arms from Georgia into Chechnya triggers a war of words between Tbilisi and Moscow.

14 Jan 00


Georgia's president appears to be enlisting precisely the wrong kind of support to help him implement a new drive against government corruption.

7 Jan 00

NGOs Ready To Tackle Government's Failings

Georgia's NGOs are starting to flex their political muscles and are increasingly ready to tackle the government in the absence of a wide range of effective opposition parties.

23 Dec 99

Knocking On NATO's Door?

Relations between Russia and Georgia are more strained than ever following Georgia's signature on key agreements at the OSCE summit which underline a shifting alignment towards Europe and the United States.

3 Dec 99
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