Samander Khan

Stories by the Author

Mazar Stand-off

Americans are reportedly trying to broker a deal between heavily armed rival warlords in the north of the country.

3 Mar 05

Afghan Women Confront Warlords

Females delegates at the Loya Jirga denounce Rabbani and his lieutenants for ravaging Afghanistan, in their first public encounter with the country's wartime leaders.

21 Feb 05

Assembly Security Fears

A confrontation between ISAF and Northern Alliance men highlights security concerns.

21 Feb 05

Assembly Captivates Kabulis

Everyone has an opinion on the Loya Jirga - even those who harbour doubts are squeezing into cafes and restaurants to watch TV coverage.

21 Feb 05

Inside the Assembly

Although access to the grand assembly compound has been strictly controlled, this reporter managed to get in with a pool of journalists on Sunday.

21 Feb 05
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