Ruslan Isaev

Stories by the Author

Chechen End Game

Chechen commanders hope to grind down Russia's fighting spirit by drawing its forces into an exhausting war of attrition.

3 Mar 00

Chechen 'Spirits' Haunt Russians

The Russian army's propaganda machine is misfiring as Chechens leaders it claims to have killed rise from their graves.

11 Feb 00

Moscow Targets Mountain Strongholds

Russia carpet-bombs the Chechen mountains in a bid to flush out rebel troops. But the separatists say the only victims of the raids are unarmed civilians.

11 Feb 00

Breaking Through the Grozny Siege

While Russian bombardments continue, Chechen commanders and fleeing refugees claim that guerrilla fighters have scored key victories around the capital, destroying several Russian tanks and providing a route in and out of the city.

7 Jan 00

Grozny Awaits

Last Monday, Moscow dropped leaflets on Grozny telling all residents they must leave before Saturday. That deadline is now upon the city's band of defenders - and an estimated 30,000 innocent civilians.

10 Dec 99
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