Naser Kadhem

Stories by the Author

Currency Headaches

As the deadline for exchanging old banknotes for new nears, Iraqis have found it harder – and costlier – to get hold of the new money.

22 Feb 05

Sadrists Flex Their Muscles

Tensions between US troops and followers of radical Shia preacher Muqtada al-Sadr threatening to spiral out of control.

22 Feb 05

Samawah at Ease with Troops

Unlike other parts of the country, this southern Iraqi city is supportive of Coalition soldiers in its midst.

22 Feb 05

Reprisal Town Sheds Few Tears

The people of Dijail suffered years of repression and now find little cause to feel sorry that their former president has ended up in court.

22 Feb 05

Iraqis Welcome Local Police

Deployment of Iraqi policemen in place of American soldiers brings greater confidence that law and order can be imposed.

22 Feb 05
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