Mohammad Jawad

Stories by the Author

A Call to Justice

An Afghan court hands down its first war crimes conviction, but are there any more to come?

18 May 06

Education for the Elite

Afghanistan’s first private university opens, but most students find it is beyond their reach.

15 May 06

Slow Progress on Women's Rights

The women’s affairs ministry is trying to combat centuries of mistreatment and violence, but many are demanding more rapid results.

19 Mar 06

Helping Hand for the Disabled

Tired of waiting for government to fulfil its promises, one man is trying to help those injured during the years of conflict on his own.

10 Feb 06

Ministers Play the Blame Game

Given the chance to list their accomplishments during the past year, most point the finger of blame at others as explanation for the lack of progress.

14 Dec 05

Afghans Head for the Mall

A glittering complex housing a hotel and nearly 100 expensive shops is a source of wonder for Kabul residents.

20 Nov 05

So Long to Street Vendors

A new decree is forcing kiosk owners and pushcart operators to find other ways to do business.

18 Nov 05

Imports Threaten Local Industries

Clothing and shoe manufacturers complain that they’re unable to compete with lower cost goods imported mainly from China.

18 Nov 05
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