Miroslav Filipovic

Stories by the Author

Generals Jump Ship

Three former Yugoslav Army generals have outraged Belgrade by backing the Montenegrin leadership.

6 Sep 05

Bittersweet Freedom

My release from prison was wonderful, but I remain troubled by my role in the dispute between the old regime and the independent press.

6 Sep 05

Serbian Prison Mutiny

Serbia's new administration offers rioting prisoners amnesty deal in an effort to end their rebellion.

6 Sep 05

Kraljevo Spurns Refugees

Kraljevo residents are threatening to forcibly evict thousands of Kosovo Serb refugees who they say are putting an impossible burden on the local economy

9 May 00

The Sandzak Dilemma

Sandzak's future looks grim whatever the outcome of the escalating conflict between Serbia and Montenegro. The outbound buses are booked solid.

17 Mar 00

Serbs Defy Draft

Hundreds of army reservists have taken to the streets of Kraljevo to protest against the Yugoslav government's latest draft.

14 Mar 00

Serb Agents Fuel Kosovo Violence

Belgrade has dispatched agents provocateurs to Kosovo in an effort to undermine international peace-keeping efforts.

25 Feb 00
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