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Podgorica Pays Its Own Way

Montenegro has taken a strong step away from the Yugo zone and towards the euro zone by introducing the German mark as an official currency.

16 Nov 05

Break-Up Beckons

If Belgrade rejects Podgorica's proposal for restructuring the Yugoslav state, an independence referendum will be scheduled for the autumn.

16 Nov 05

Currency Wars

Podgorica's stark offer to Serbia on Thursday to abandon the federal structure or accept the results of a Montenegrin referendum on independence, came just days after it signalled its intention to launch its own currency.

16 Nov 05

Djukanovic On A Mission, Increasingly Far From Home

Montenegro's president is trying to reconcile Serbia's feuding political forces, while at home his fellow citizens make it clear they wish to be as close to Europe as possible - and as far as possible from Serbia.

10 Nov 05

Belgrade Offers Federation Talks

After dangerously stoking up the campaign against Montenegro, Belgrade has suddenly offered to continue negotiations with the rebellious republic. It could be the last step before a referendum.

10 Nov 05

Montenegro Counts Its Friends, Then Its Dinars

As Montenegro edges towards fiscal independence from Serbia, Milo Djukanovic's latest tour of European capitals looks like an attempt to secure international support for Montenegro before the final break-up of the federation.

10 Nov 05

Belgrade's Paramilitaries Set Up Base In Montenegro

Former Yugoslav Army chief Momcilo Perisic says squads of well-paid, battle-hardened troops are setting up base in Montenegro - loyal only to Belgrade and promising only trouble for the tiny republic.

10 Nov 05

Yugoslav Military Flex Muscles In Montenegro

The stand off at Podgorica airport last week highlighted a stream of small-scale confrontations between Belgrade and Podgorica that is increasingly successfully undermining Montenegro's efforts to make its own way in the Balkans.

10 Nov 05
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