Milenko Vasovic

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Milosevic's Procrastination Keeps Election Threat At Bay

Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic scoffs at the opposition and its demand for early elections. Serbia will have to wait until his allies have finished piling up legislation designed to entrench his political position.

16 Nov 05

Losers Either Way

If elections are held in Serbia this autumn, the opposition will once again have to decide whether to participate and legitimise them, or boycott.

16 Nov 05

Serbia's State Swindle

Serbia is short-changing its citizens in almost every aspect of their lives, but still promises to rebuild everything.

16 Nov 05

Blighted Retirement

Pensioners are the group within Serbian society which has fared worst during the past decade, yet they are now expected to tighten their belts once again.

10 Nov 05

Definitely Not The Party To Be Seen At

The new state-approved management of the formerly independent Radio B-92 held a party to mark the station's tenth birthday on September 8 - despite the fact that, before they took it over in March, B-92 was a major thorn in the regime's side.

10 Nov 05

Neither Stability, Nor Elections

The Pact for Stability of Serbia is slipping off the agenda, the opposition parties are moving apart again, and the Group of 17 'experts' is scaling down their once ambitious plans. It all suits Slobodan Milosevic.

10 Nov 05

Belgrade Students Lead Resistance To Bad Government

A student movement dubbed 'Resistance' plans to mark the new university year in October by occupying faculties, blocking lectures and pressing for Slobodan Milosevic's ouster - but his regime is certain to fight back, and hard.

10 Nov 05

Belgrade Protestors - 'Must Do Better Next Time'

A nationwide round of regular anti-regime protests got off to a wet and slightly disappointing start Tuesday: opposition leaders expect people in Belgrade to do better next time, but the protests are gaining strength in the regions.

10 Nov 05
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