Mikhail Ivanov

Stories by the Author

Georgian Troops Move on 'Rebel Haven'

Moscow has been working hard to justify its controversial visa regime in Georgia but apparently President Shevardnadze has taken the hint

15 Dec 00

Visa Threat Spurs Georgia into Action

Russia's plans to introduce visa regulations for Georgia are directly linked to claims that Chechen rebels are taking refuge in the former Soviet republic

1 Dec 00

Hijack Drama Descends into Tragicomedy

The blaze of publicity which surrounded the hijacking of a Russian aeroplane last week could well serve the interests of Islamic extremist groups

17 Nov 00

Putin Keeps his Distance

The war in Chechnya has inspired new political sympathies between Russia and Israel - but President Putin is still wary of taking sides in the Middle East crisis

20 Oct 00

Should Old Acquaintance be Forgot?

Despite close historical and political ties with Armenia, Moscow is wary of backing its old ally over the Nagorny Karabakh debate

6 Oct 00
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