Michael Farquhar

Stories by the Author

Srebrenica: Anatomy of a Massacre

Ten years after the Srebrenica atrocity, tribunal investigators have been able to piece together a detailed picture of the planning and execution of the worst massacre on European soil since World War Two.

3 Aug 06

ICJ Case Builds on What Went Before

Given the huge overlap in subject matter, recent proceedings at the International Court of Justice could provide an important new perspective on past Yugoslav war crimes trials.

13 May 06

Krajisnik Trial Takes Break

Proceedings against former Bosnian Serb parliamentary speaker on hold while defence prepares for accused’s mammoth testimony.

14 Apr 06

Krajisnik Testimony Nears End

Ex-Bosnian presidency member and local politician feature in the final witness hearings before the accused testifies.

7 Apr 06
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