Marcus Tanner

Stories by the Author

Bosnia: A Question of Objectivity

Could some journalists in south-east Europe be rediscovering the importance of virtues that certain of their British counterparts are abandoning?

15 Feb 10

A State of Violence

The attempt to forge a Serb state within Croatia left a tragic human legacy.

15 Feb 10

Milosevic Extradited

The Serbian government has finally plucked up the courage to draw a line under the Milosevic era.

6 Sep 05

Kosovo on the Brink

Day of ethnic conflict dwarfs anything seen in the region since Serb withdrawal over four years ago.

21 Feb 05

Comment: No Sign of Serbia's Adenauer

What Serbia needs is a break from the past, as happened in post-1945 Germany. But right now it looks more like the chaos of the Weimar Republic.

21 Feb 05
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