Llazar Semini

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Europe's Youngest Premier In Albania

Ilir Meta, the new premier, takes an impartial line on Kosovo and promises quick results in the battle to restore order and root out corruption.

10 Nov 05

Albania's Crippled Economy Crawls Ahead

Macro-economic indicators are good in Albania, despite the impact of the Kosovo crisis. But rampant crime and corruption, combined with a questionable political will, continue to deter critical foreign investment.

10 Nov 05

Albania And Kosovo Celebrate Independence Day

Albania is reluctant to openly support the Kosovo Albanian demands for independence but Albanians on both sides of the border threw themselves into celebrations for Albania's first official Independence Day on November 28.

10 Nov 05

Kosovo Serb Divisions Intensify

The Serb National Council decision to rejoin Kosovo's joint institutions has deepened divisions among the minority's leaders.

6 Sep 05

Kosovo Daily Shut Down

International officials shut down Dita after it failed to pay a fine for an article naming alleged Serb war crimals

6 Sep 05

Kosovo's 'Serbian Affair'

Kosovo Albanians say they have little interest in Sunday elections, but the UN is preparing for trouble

6 Sep 05

Berisha Poll Disappointment

Sali Berisha comes under pressure to step down as head of Albania's main opposition party after its poor showing in local elections.

6 Sep 05
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