Laura Rozen

Stories by the Author

Serbian Justice On Trial

The prosecution of a Kosovo Albanian human rights activist on terrorism charges has exposed serious gaps in the rule of law in Serbia.

16 Nov 05

Minority At Risk

Most of Pristina's remaining Serbs are elderly women. Yet they are still targets for "revenge" attacks.

16 Nov 05

Concern Mounts For Kosovar Lawyer Arrested By Serb Police

Abducted by a special team of Serbian policemen on December 3 and since held incommunicado, Teki Bokshi, the Kosovar Albanian lawyer who has led efforts to free some 2,000 ethnic Albanians still held in Serbian jails, now shares their uncertain fate.

10 Nov 05

Opposition Campaign Fizzles Out

There's growing public disillusionment with the Serbian opposition's campaign to oust President Slobodan Milosevic.

6 Sep 05
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