Julie Flint

Stories by the Author

The Die is Cast

War is set to begin, but no one can predict the consequences it will unleash.

22 Feb 05

Crumbling at the Edges

The redeployment of Iraqi army units strengthens fears that Saddam Hussein is planning to fight the Americans with oil.

22 Feb 05

Region Responds to Conflict

Images of Iraqis welcoming US troops are matched by concern among neighbours, even in Israel, over the long-term impact of the war.

22 Feb 05

Silencing Saddam

Iraqis looking for signs of a collapsing regime wonder why the Americans have yet to stop the government television.

22 Feb 05

The Fake Fatwa

Iraqi Shia reject the religious decree calling on Iraqis to defend the country, insisting that it has been issued under coercion from the regime.

22 Feb 05

Not With a Bang, But a Whimper?

Although fighting continues, Saddam Hussein may fall from power without invoking his long-standing threat of a final disaster.

22 Feb 05

Comment: His Own Man

Ahmad Chalabi: self-seeking agent of American imperialism or genuine champion of freedom?

22 Feb 05
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