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The Dead Don't Care About Kosovo

Anti-war protesters in southern Serbia have argued that Serb lives are more important than Serb control over Kosovo.

17 May 05

Seselj At The Gates

Having resigned from the Serbian government and disassociated himself from the peace agreement, Vojislav Seselj is now poised to bid for power.

16 Jun 99

Seeds Of Discontent

While many families have been left without an income, harvests are at risk and some local authorities are breaking ranks with Belgrade to impose war-time rationing.

25 May 99

Remnants Of An Opposition

During the winter of 1996-97 Serbia's opposition appeared on the verge of ousting Slobodan Milosevic. Those days are long gone.

18 May 99

The Witch Hunt Continues

While the police, it seems, have been unable to turn up any leads in the murder of one editor, new attacks in the media have been launched against other opposition figures.

18 May 99

Divided Behind Milosevic

Serbian political parties are united only in opposition to NATO. Their inability to elaborate any coherent alternative positions leaves Milosevic, as ever, in full control.

6 May 99

Sandzak Severed

Links between the Sandzak and the rest of Serbia have been severed by NATO bombing, and its Muslims continue to leave.

4 May 99

Vojvodina: A Second Kosovo?

A NATO land attack via Hungary could be as disastrous for Vojvodina's national minorities as the bombing has been for Kosovo's Albanians.

4 May 99

In The Policy Bunker

Belgrade continues to take a pounding, but only becomes more entrenched. Rather than cracks in the regime, Draskovic's statements about the impact of the bombing may only indicate his own powerlessness.

27 Apr 99
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