Jennifer Koons

Stories by the Author

Gulf States Woo Iraq

They hope their backing for Baghdad will help stabilise the country and curb Tehran.

24 Jul 08

The Photographer

Neither a political refugee nor a typical white Zimbabwean, Sara Catterall struggles to find a place in the expatriate community.

15 Jul 08

The Health Worker

Grace Chouriri cares for fellow exiles because she says it makes her feel that she’s doing something good for her community.

15 Jul 08

The Teacher

Formerly a teacher in a private school, Joseph Masunungure can only dream of taking up a similar job in the UK.

15 Jul 08

The Campaigner

Veteran human rights activist Rose Benton is resigned to more years of drawing attention to abuses in home country.

15 Jul 08

The Journalist

Award-winning reporter Sandra Nyaira says she’d be reduced to selling tomatoes on the street if she returned.

15 Jul 08
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