Janez Kovac

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Honeymoon Over For Dodik

While Carlos Westendorp was High Representative in Bosnia, Republika Srpska's prime minister Milorad Dodik led a protected existence and could do no wrong. No longer.

10 Nov 05

Double Blow For Bosnian Serb Hard-Liners

Fearing war crimes charges, Momcilo Krajisnik of the hard-line Bosnian Serb SDS is reportedly in hiding. Meanwhile, leaders of the Bosnian Serb Radical Party have been banned from next year's elections.

10 Nov 05


With 12 arrests in just one day for fraud and tax evasion Bosnia may give the impression that it is tackling the corruption that blights its development, but sceptics say the small fry arrested so far are just are sacrifices to placate the international c

10 Nov 05

Tomorrow's Man in Banja Luka

A new political party has been founded in Banja Luka and its name does not begin with the prefix "Serb", nor does it contain the words "Republika Srpska".

10 Nov 05

Bosnia's Draft Election Law Exposes Dayton's Flaws

Bosnia's draft election law has exposed some of the flaws in the Dayton Agreement and generated calls to change the peace accord from groups which have to date been its strongest supporters.

10 Nov 05
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