Jaba Devdariani

Georgian political analyst

Jaba Devdariani

An expert in post-conflict institutional development and public administration reform, Devdariani is a co-founder of the United Nations Association of Georgia (UNA)
and the news outlet Civil.ge.

Stories by the Author

Georgian Reformer's Tbilisi Battle

Mikheil Saakishvili has won his battle to lead Tbilisi city council - but a fellow Georgian reformer may have benefited most from the struggle.

14 Nov 02

Georgia's Pankisi Dilemma

A much-awaited police operation has begun in the Pankisi Gorge - but will it achieve anything?

25 Jan 02

Georgia: CUG Hopelessly Divided

The dismissal of the Georgian government last week highlights the growing rift between conservatives and reformers.

6 Nov 01

Georgian Border Strife

The current escalation in crime in northeast Georgia could fuel renewed conflict in the region.

31 Jul 01

Probing for the Right Spot

The recently-founded New Right Party joins the race to become Georgia's political alternative

29 Jun 01
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