Jaba Devdariani

Stories by the Author

Georgian Reformer's Tbilisi Battle

Mikheil Saakishvili has won his battle to lead Tbilisi city council - but a fellow Georgian reformer may have benefited most from the struggle.

14 Nov 02

Georgia's Pankisi Dilemma

A much-awaited police operation has begun in the Pankisi Gorge - but will it achieve anything?

25 Jan 02

Georgia: CUG Hopelessly Divided

The dismissal of the Georgian government last week highlights the growing rift between conservatives and reformers.

6 Nov 01

Georgian Border Strife

The current escalation in crime in northeast Georgia could fuel renewed conflict in the region.

31 Jul 01

Probing for the Right Spot

The recently-founded New Right Party joins the race to become Georgia's political alternative

29 Jun 01
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