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Clampdown In Southern Serbia

Journalists, human rights activists and opposition politicians in southern Serbia have been jailed or mobilised during NATO's bombing campaign - and the repression seems likely to continue.

10 Nov 05

Serb 'Illegals' Operate Behind Enemy Lines In Kosovo

Despite denials from all sides it appears the Yugoslav Army (VJ) has left several officers behind in the north of Kosovo. But are these so-called Serbian 'illegals' abducting foreign journalists and aid workers?

10 Nov 05

Explosive Reporting

Independent media in Serbia have in recent years become accustomed to "spontaneous", unresolved attacks. Now, in Cacak at least, it's the turn of the regime media.

11 Jul 99

The Next Purge

The political demise of two of Milosevic's closest associates in the days before a peace agreement may herald the latest political cleansing.

8 Jun 99

Harsh Reality Under The Bombs

Belgrade's bravado in the wake of NATO's early air strikes disappeared as the reality of daily bombing set in.

3 Jun 99
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