Ian Williams

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The Kosovo Numbers Game

So how many people were killed in Kosovo? Opponents of the NATO bombing campaign claim estimates were wildly exaggerated through cynical propaganda. But the totals for confirmed dead are mounting.

16 Nov 05

The UN's Mea Culpa Over Srebrenica

With uncharacteristic frankness the UN has admitted liability in the deaths of thousands of civilians murdered by Serbian forces in the so-called UN "safe haven".

10 Nov 05

Finding a New Role

Having opposed the war, the UN begins to think about a role in the aftermath.

22 Feb 05

The Robust Resolution

Long a diplomatic fudge factory, the UN resolution on Kosovo firmly reflects the terms dictated by NATO.

10 Jun 99

Wobbling Towards A Ground War

Clinton may still just say no, but NATO seems to be edging towards ground troops in an "unpermissive" environment.

25 May 99

Unanimous For Now

NATO member states remain unanimous about the bombing campaign against Yugoslavia. But the difficult decisions are yet to be made.

1 May 99

The UN's Surprising Support

The Security Council has not authorised the bombing. But whatever the legalities of NATO's campaign against Yugoslavia, the action has broad support at the UN.

19 Apr 99
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