Hussein Ali

Stories by the Author

Nomads Rally to Sistani Call

Because of their lifestyle it’s been hard for them to follow the electoral campaign – but nomads say that won’t stop them voting.

18 Nov 05

Choices Vary in Shia Areas

Voters in the south may be solidly behind the election, but support for the main Shia-led faction is not monolithic.

18 Nov 05

Peace Returns to Fallujah

Iraqi security forces are slowly regaining control of this once volatile city, much to the relief of residents.

18 Nov 05

Normality Returns to Mosul

Residents breathe sigh of relief as security forces regain control of city rocked by insurgent violence.

18 Nov 05

US Imposes Harsh Regime in Kut

Townspeople fondly recall former occupation by Ukrainian soldiers, whom they describe as simple and friendly.

22 Feb 05
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