Giorgi Lomsadze

Tbilisi-based journalist

Giorgi Lomsadze

Giorgi is a Tbilisi-based freelance journalist focusing on politics in the South Caucasus. He has been covering the region for two decades and his work has been published in international outlets including Wall Street Journal, NPR, The Guardian and Eurasianet. 

Stories by the Author

Yerevan Angry Over Moscow’s Inaction as Nagorny Karabakh Blockade Continues

Russia remains cautious as Azerbaijan’s block of the region’s only gateway drags into its ninth month.

8 Sep 23

Protests Over Russian Cruise Ship Embody Georgia’s Tensions with Moscow

Many Georgians oppose welcoming visitors from Russia until it ends supporting breakaway territories and its assault on Ukraine.

4 Aug 23

Georgian Kidnapping: A Deadly Trend

The abduction of a British banker in Georgia has dealt another blow to the country’s international reputation and raised questions about official collusion in the kidnapping business.

27 Jun 02

Georgian Priest On The Rampage

An extremist Georgian priest is continuing to attack and intimidate his enemies, even as he faces criminal proceedings.

25 Apr 02
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