Fawzia Sheikh

Stories by the Author

US May Tighten Screws on Zimbabwe

As the international community steps up the pressure on President Robert Mugabe’s regime, American officials consider tougher sanctions.

11 Apr 08

Washington Softens Stance on ICC

While the US will not let the Hague war crimes court prosecute Americans, it is more positive about plans to charge Sudanese leaders.

7 Mar 07

Uganda: Museveni's Image Fading Fast

The detention of the main challenger to Yoweri Museveni highlights the deteriorating international reputation of a leader once seen as a leading African reformer.

23 Dec 05

New Danger From Ugandan Rebel Group?

An Islamic guerrilla group previously thought to be a spent force is regrouping and rearming, according to Ugandan security officials.

17 Nov 05
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