Erik Batuev

Stories by the Author

Gantamirov's Legacy

Attempts to lure Grozny's residents back to the ruined capital have met with little success

29 May 01

Russia's Human Rights Cabal

Officially sanctioned human rights activists are a new phenomenon in Russia - but already plans are afoot to boost their numbers

14 May 01

The 'Rebel Haven' of Pankisi

The Georgian government continues to deny claims that a remote mountain fastness is littered with Chechen guerrilla bases

19 Feb 01

Chechnya's Legacy

The war in Chechnya has taken a severe toll on the hearts and minds of the Russian journalistic community

22 Dec 00

Brothers in Arms

While the former Soviet peoples have grown apart immeasurably over the past decade, there are still unbreakable ties which bind them

10 Nov 00

Spoon-feeding in Chechnya

The federal press centre's trips to the warzone are expertly stage-managed - and utterly unenlightening

13 Oct 00
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