Elmar Gusseinov

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As Baku revels in a much-publicised "oil rush", questions are being asked about the true extent of the legendary reserves awaiting exploitation in the Caspian Sea basin.

7 Jan 00

The Nakhichevan Factor

What is it about Nakhichevan? Although comprising only 10 per cent of the Azerbaijani population, virtually every member of the country's political elite hails from the tiny enclave.

19 Nov 99

Aliev's Allies Desert Him Over Nagorno-Karabakh Talks

The idea of resignation on principle - even over such a sensitive issue as Nagorno-Karabakh - is a new one on most Azeri politicians. If the wave of departures from the Azeri government have a cause, it is little to do with honour.

29 Oct 99
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